Key points from “Strong Roots” by APJ Abdul Kalam

Key points from “Strong Roots” by APJ Abdul Kalam

“Strong Roots” by APJ Abdul Kalam is a reflective essay that emphasizes the importance of having strong roots in one’s life. Here are the key points from the essay:

1. Importance of Values: Kalam stresses the significance of values instilled in childhood, highlighting how they form the foundation of an individual’s character. These values, acquired from family, teachers, and society, guide one’s decisions and actions throughout life.

2. Nurturing Strengths: He emphasizes the need to identify and nurture one’s strengths, talents, and passions. Cultivating these strengths from a young age helps individuals build expertise and find their unique path in life.

3. Role of Education: Kalam discusses the role of education in shaping individuals and societies. He advocates for a holistic education that not only imparts knowledge but also instills values, ethics, and a sense of responsibility towards society.

4. Learning from Adversity: The essay reflects on the importance of facing challenges and adversity in life. Kalam emphasizes that setbacks can teach valuable lessons and help individuals grow stronger if they remain rooted in their values and strengths.

5. Social Responsibility: He stresses the importance of using one’s strengths and education for the betterment of society. Encouraging readers to contribute positively to their communities, Kalam emphasizes the role of individuals in creating a better world.

6. Legacy and Influence: Kalam underscores the lasting impact individuals can have on future generations through their actions, values, and contributions to society. He encourages leaving behind a positive legacy for others to follow.

7. Humility and Gratitude: Throughout the essay, Kalam emphasizes humility and gratitude towards those who contribute to one’s growth and success. He acknowledges the role of parents, teachers, mentors, and society in shaping an individual’s life.

“Strong Roots” essentially champions the idea that one’s upbringing, values, education, and contributions to society play a crucial role in defining their character and legacy. It inspires individuals to remain rooted in their values while striving to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Here are some potential questions along with sample answers that can be used for examination purposes based on APJ Abdul Kalam’s essay “Strong Roots”:

1. Question:

Explain the significance of having strong roots in one’s life according to APJ Abdul Kalam’s essay.

Answer: Having strong roots implies having a solid foundation built upon values, education, and strengths acquired from one’s upbringing and experiences. Kalam emphasizes that these roots guide individuals, shaping their character and actions, and enable them to contribute positively to society.

2. Question:

Discuss the role of values in shaping an individual’s character, as highlighted by Kalam in “Strong Roots.”

Answer: Kalam stresses that values learned in childhood from family, teachers, and society form the moral compass for an individual. These values influence decision-making and behavior, serving as guiding principles that contribute to one’s character development.

3. Question:

How does APJ Abdul Kalam advocate for the nurturing of strengths and talents in “Strong Roots”?

Answer: Kalam encourages individuals to identify and nurture their unique strengths and talents. He believes that cultivating these strengths from an early age helps individuals build expertise, find their passion, and contribute significantly to society.

4. Question:

Explain the concept of social responsibility as portrayed by APJ Abdul Kalam in the essay “Strong Roots.”

Answer: Kalam emphasizes that individuals, equipped with education and strengths, have a responsibility towards society. He encourages using one’s abilities and knowledge to contribute positively to the community and make a meaningful difference in the world.

5. Question:

How does APJ Abdul Kalam address the importance of learning from adversity in “Strong Roots”?

Answer: Kalam highlights that facing challenges and adversity is a part of life. He believes that setbacks can serve as valuable lessons, fostering resilience and growth, provided individuals remain rooted in their values and strengths.

6. Question:

Discuss the legacy and influence individuals can leave behind, as discussed by APJ Abdul Kalam in the essay “Strong Roots.”

Answer: Kalam emphasizes that individuals can leave a positive legacy by living a life rooted in values and contributing to society. Their actions and values can inspire future generations to follow a path of righteousness, education, and social responsibility.

These questions and answers aim to explore and analyze the key themes and messages presented in APJ Abdul Kalam’s essay “Strong Roots” for examination purposes.

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