Character of the narrator in the story The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond

“The Eyes Have It” is a short story written by Ruskin Bond. The story is narrated in the first person, and the narrator is a young man who is traveling by train from Deoli to Hardwar. The narrator is unnamed throughout the story.

The narrator is a keen observer with a vivid imagination. He is visually impaired and cannot see anything clearly beyond a few inches. Despite his limited vision, he compensates for his lack of sight by relying on his other senses, particularly his hearing and imagination. This heightened awareness allows him to pick up on various sounds and create mental images of the world around him.

Throughout the story, the narrator displays a sense of humor and a keen sense of curiosity. He often engages in playful banter with his fellow passengers and finds amusement in their conversations. He enjoys observing people and making up stories about them based on their voices and mannerisms. Despite his own limitations, he maintains a positive and light-hearted outlook on life.

The narrator is also introspective and contemplative. He reflects on his own condition and the limitations it imposes on him. He ponders on the idea of beauty and how it can be perceived differently by each individual. He contemplates the power of imagination and the ability to create a world of one’s own through words and thoughts.

Overall, the narrator in “The Eyes Have It” is a resilient, imaginative, and observant character who brings a unique perspective to the story through his limited vision and vivid imagination.

Key points to Remember:

1. Blind person : the narrator was completely blind.

2. Sensitive: he was very sensitive in other senses.

3. Clever: he was very clever to manage to prevent the girl that he was blind.

4. Imaginative : the narrator is very imaginative person. He did not see the hills in October but he was able to give a detailed description of the hills in October . He has a powerful imagination.

5. A Romantic Fool : the narrator was seen to impress the blind girl in a various ways. From his conversations we can see that the narrator development a romantic attachment with the girl. 

6. Confident: he is very confident person he confidentally said the girl that there was no animal near Dehradun Hills.

7. He is a gallant young man.

8. Philosopher : From his conversations we can see the narrator is a philosopher of life. He said that the daylight to the other people seems to him dark .

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