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Note on Letter to the Editor (* Now you can follow this Format in every editorial letter. )


The Editor  

( Name of The Newspaper) 


      Subject- ( write down the main subject as it is in the question ) 


         Through your esteemed daily, I would like to ( express / convey ) my ( opinion / view / concern ) about ( subject in complete ) . 

         This has become a great problem in our locality that has made the lives of the people living here unbearable . It makes a big problem in our everyday life. As a result of this, people are suffering very badly. This has made the lives of ( common people/ students/ patients ) living here miserable. And the government is not paying enough attention to control the problem of this. This must be stopped by government help and by increasing people awareness.

         Therefore, I am requesting you to publish my ( opinion/ view/ concern ) about ( subject ) in your daily, to draw the attention of the people and the government on this matter to take actions to control this. 


Date: 14Feb, 2020 

Yours Sincerely,  

( Full Name of the Letter Writer) 

Supplementary Note on Letter to the Editor 


The Editor,

The Telegraph,

1, Chittaranjan Avenue,

Kolkata -700013

                            Sub : ( Subject of the Letter)


      With due respect, I _, a resident of want to draw your attention to the problems created by (Subject).

      This is the questions of the time that enhances the critical thinking of it in terms of human interactions and environment health. It is making the world of humanity standing by the rules and regulations in the context of human connectivity with life and discipline. This is transforming us to disobeying the responsibilities we have as individual beings. Right now this has become a reason of distracting our discipline and orders in our life, society, and in the environment health. This has made a big problem in our everyday life. As a result of this problem, the stability of life and environmental health has been extinguished. The very means of success, life, environment, and peace has been reduced as a consequence of this . It has made the lives of ( common people/ students/ patients ) of our locality miserable.

               On behalf of thousands of people, I hence request you to write an article on this grieveous problem of the (Subject) in your esteemed daily and also to ensure that the Government can take effective steps to curb the (Subject).


Date: Dd/Mm/Yyyy

Yours Sincerely,

(Name of the Letter Writer)

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