But her next question removed my doubt : The Eyes Have It Question Answer

“But her next question removed my doubt”

This line is taken from Ruskin Bond’s story The Eyes Have It. The speaker of the line is the blind narrator who was traveling in a train with a co-passenger.

□ Who made this remark and about whom ?

The narrator made This remark about the girl who was travelling in the train.

□ What were the doubts of the speaker ?

The doubts of the narrator wire that the girl might find out his blindness. He doubted that she would find that he could not.

□ what was the what was the next ? 

The next question of the girl was:   “why don’t you look out of the window ?”. She asked the narrator to look outside the window.

□ How did it remove the doubt ?

The narrator got rid of his mistake when the girl asked him to look out of the window. He understood that the girl could not find out his blindness.

■ This is how the narrator get rid of his mistake.

■ This removed the mistake of the narrator.


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