Why did Lomov want to marry Natalya?

In Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal,” Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov wants to marry Natalya, the daughter of his wealthy neighbor Stepan Stepanovich Chubukov, for several reasons.

Firstly, Lomov is attracted to Natalya and is in love with her. He believes that she is a suitable match for him and that they will be happy together. He also values her intelligence and education, which he sees as assets that will benefit him in his life and career.

Secondly, Lomov is interested in Natalya’s social status and wealth. He believes that by marrying her, he will be able to improve his own position in society and secure his financial future. He is particularly interested in the piece of land that Natalya’s family owns, which he hopes to acquire through the marriage.

Finally, Lomov is also motivated by societal pressures and expectations. He believes that it is his duty as a young man of means to marry and start a family, and that Natalya is a suitable candidate for this role.

Overall, Lomov’s desire to marry Natalya is motivated by a combination of love, social ambition, and duty. However, throughout the play, his motives are complicated by his nervousness and anxiety, which often lead him to bicker with Natalya and threaten the success of the proposal.

Textual References: 

Lomov thinks he should marry Natalya. Because She is a beautiful girl who is

i) Excellent Housekeeper: Natalya is an excellent housekeeper. Lomov thinks she could manage the household very well.

ii) Not Bad Looking: Natalya is a beautiful girl.

iii) Well Educated: Natalya is well educated girl.

Lomov thought that Natalya was well educated, but she did not seem to be so.

iv) Only Option: Natalya the neighbor of Lomov; and she is only suitable girl at the neighborhood, he think that he could get married.

Lomov thinks that he should get married because he is much older and this is the right time to get married. He is interested in marriage because of two reason:

A) His Critical Age : Lomov is much older and he is still unmarried at the age of 35.

B) Leading a Regular Life : He wants to marry Natalya not because he loves her but he requires to marry her to lead a quiet and regular family life.

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