What is Grammar? | Elements of Grammar

What is Grammar? | Elements of Grammar

What is Grammar?

Grammar is a set of convention and rules that govern language. It is context dependent, based on structure of language and different in cultural transmission. 

In the case of any grammar of any language, there are four major elements in a grammar that must keep under our consideration when we are going to learn the grammar of the target language.   


First of all there is convention and rules and we must have an exclusive ideal on the conventions of any language community, their people, the history and perception of the language.   Some of the major conventions and rules if we have to remember here then we must go for a language example used for in communications with our teachers and that is unique. On the other hand when we speak to our friends and family we do not speak the way and we do not follow the particular conventions as we are speaking to our teachers. So there is a huge difference between the grammars, we are using when we are speaking to a teacher or friends and relatives.  


In the grammar of any language the pattern of that language follows its context. For example we can understand if we are in angry mood then we will speak in a different way, our language pattern will be different. But in a very habitual way if our mind is very clam and relaxed, we speak  in a very different manner . So it is clear that language or the grammar of any language is always depending on the context we are speaking to. If we are gossiping about our grammar becomes very different than a discussion. 


Grammar of any language is contained with a particular structure. And this structure forms the figure of that language. Without any specific structure or pattern no one can understand the sense of the language. So it is the first component of any language that there should be a grammar best on a specific structure.  


One of the major elements of any language grammar is the cultural transformation of a conventions and rules that has been followed for a long time and therefore it becomes an essential ingredient of the language. Diversification of Culture leads us to different ways of convention and practice. These conventions and practices paved the way for a unique language group. This means that different cultures have different conventions and they originate new structures in the language they communicate. 

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