Childhood : A Window of Life | Paragraph Writing

Childhood : A Window of Life | Paragraph Writing

 Childhood is the most beautiful time of one’s life. One cannot forget this phrase of life and it is considered the most fascinated, and memorable of all phrases in human life. Childhood means memories of childhood, beauty of the early days, fascination of the child about knowing everything.

The backbone of our life and the quality of life is achieved only with the proper development of childhood. Everyone says child is the father of man but how much it is true . If we enter into the deep of our psychology then we can definitely get that the proper development started at the early stage of our childhood automatically shapes our life as complete man. The importance of childhood in our daily life becomes one of the striking force which always shapes the quality and the habit and the motion of a life, as a child what you dream as a man we try to make it real.

Childhood is a blaze and the only stage of life where human beings want to stand for years in their imagination. It is only the childhood that we always want to get back and want to enjoy it properly again and again. The most fascinating and amazing matter is that if any of the person is given a chance to revisit any stage of his life then he will definitely choose the childhood or youth by chance.

But in my opinion, it is childhood one will definitely want to revisit if he has been offered the golden opportunity by bliss of God. Childhood has another important fact, powerful imagination. Perhaps this is for that reason that we always want to fancy the childhood days and I want to live it again because at that stage our imagination had so bright than the rest of life. I can say that childhood is the seven colour combination.

But childhood may have some bad effects for some people who didn’t enjoy the childhood and its colours properly because of poverty and ill treatment of society; romanticized childhood maybe dissolution for many reasons. Childhood may be a colorful dream for some people but it is like a broken edge for some people. Realizing this multifaceted importance of childhood, it makes life exciting and maybe this is why education of child laborers and all children has been made compulsory. So, importance of our childhood in education and conception always paved the new ways for life, every childhood dream can be taken to a new location.

– by Kalyani Mukherjee, Class – 10 Students.

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