Character of Natalya in The Proposal

Character of Natalya in The Proposal

Character of Natalya in The Proposal: 

Natalya is a character in Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal.” She is a young woman who is the daughter of Stepan Stepanovich Chubukov, a wealthy landowner. Natalya is portrayed as being very intelligent and well-educated, but also very emotional and impulsive.

Throughout the play, Natalya is courted by Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov, a neighbor who is interested in marrying her. Although Natalya is initially resistant to the idea of marrying Lomov, she eventually becomes convinced that he is the perfect husband for her.

Despite her initial reservations about Lomov, Natalya is portrayed as being very passionate and emotional, and she is easily swayed by her feelings. She is also very intelligent and well-educated, and she is quick to point out flaws in other people’s arguments.

Overall, Natalya is a complex and multi-dimensional character who is both intelligent and emotional, and who is capable of both love and manipulation.

Textual References: 

In Anton Chekhov play The Proposal Natalya is the heroine of the story. Natalya is one of the central characters in the play. Her character in the play registers volatile emotions. Natalya is a girl of full of diverse personality.

A. Young Lady: Natalya is the daughter of Chubukov. She is 25 years old young Lady.

B. Immature Attitude: Natalya reveals a kindred obsession about property ownership. She represents class attitudes rather than full-grown person.

C. Conservative & Quarrelsome : Natalya is very quarrelsome girl and she has a high class conservative personality of complexion.

D. Wealthy Daughter: Natalya is a beautiful daughter of a wealthy father.

E. Central Character: Natalya is the central character of the play. The Proposal of marriage revolves around her character. She is the heroine of the play.

F. Natalya in the Eyes of Lomov : Lomov thinks he should marry Natalya. She is a beautiful girl who is

i) Excellent Housekeeper: Natalya is an excellent housekeeper. Lomov thinks she could manage the household very well.

ii) Not Bad Looking: Natalya is a beautiful girl.

iii) Well Educated: Natalya is well educated girl.

Lomov thought that Natalya was well educated, but she did not seem to be so.

F. Short-Tempered : She is very Short-Tempered and quarrelsome girl.

G. Argumentative/ cantankerous : Natalya is very cantankerous girl and if she finds out any complaint, she becomes very argumentative. The quarrel of Natalya and Lomov about Oxen Meadow and Dogs are the result of their arguments.

H. Love-Sick Cat : She is desperate to fall in love. Her father called her a love-sick cat.

Role of Natalya :Natalya plays a significant role with her class attitude and appearance. creates an atmosphere of laughter with her behaviors. She is not like a real girl. She is a farcical character who mocks the institution of marriage.

Conclusion : Natalya is the central character of the play. The Proposal of marriage revolves around her character. Above all, with her all qualities mentioned above she is the heroine of the play.

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