Character of Chubukov in The Proposal

Character of Chubukov in The Proposal

Character of Chubukov in The Proposal 

Chubukov is a character in Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal.” He is a wealthy landowner and the father of Natalya, a young woman who is courted by Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov, a neighbor who is interested in marrying her.

Chubukov is portrayed as a practical and business-like man who is primarily concerned with his wealth and social status. He is initially supportive of Lomov’s courtship of his daughter, but becomes increasingly exasperated by the couple’s constant bickering and arguments.

Throughout the play, Chubukov tries to intervene in Natalya and Lomov’s arguments, often taking one side or the other in an attempt to resolve the dispute. However, his efforts are usually in vain, as Natalya and Lomov are both stubborn and quick to anger.

Despite his sometimes gruff demeanor, Chubukov is ultimately shown to have a soft spot for his daughter and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy. In the end, he is relieved when Natalya and Lomov finally agree to marry, and he looks forward to the union of the two families.

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In Anton Chekhov’s play The Proposal, Chubukov is a land owner and father of a beautiful girl, Natalya. His role as a responsible father and as man in the play is very significant to sum up the themes of the play. His character is merged with distinguished characteristics.

A. Astute Businessman: Chubukov is an astute businessman who keeps at heart the interest of his property and his daughter. Like all business deals, he even looks for the lucrative aspects in Natalya’s marriage.

B. Chubukov as a Father: Chubukov’s character as a good father is an ambiguous one. We get different characteristic of his fatherhood.

C. Landowner: Chubukov is a wealthy man. He has big property.

D. Class Attitude: Chubukov represents class attitudes rather than full-grown personalities.

E. Greedy: Chubukov is a character with a common platform of acquisitive greed. He wants his daughter to be married with Lomov, as he is wealthy man.

ROLE OF CHUBUKOV : Chubukov plays the role of a sensible father, who is worried about his grown up daughter, Natalya. Anton Chekhov, through the character of Chubukov, expresses that marriage is more of conventional business deal subscribed to by society rather than romantic union between two people.

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