Compare and contrast the character of Sir Mohan Lal and Lady Lal in the story KARMA

Sir Mohan Lal and Lady Mohan Lal two main characters in Khushwant Singh’s ‘Karma’ . Although they are husband and wife there are much difference in their personality. We can contrast their characters based on their characters and personalities. Some of the major differences in their characters are based on the following points :

Fashion and Look : 

Sir Mohan Lal is very fashionable person and has a distinguished look. He looks like a handsome man. But his wife, Lachmi is simple and unsophisticated. Lady Lal is not so careful about her fashion. She wears a dirty white sari with a red border, and a diamond nose-ring along with several gold bangles on her arms. She looks short and fat.

Talk :

Sir Mohan Lal can speak English, he speaks very little but only with the Englishmen. But his wife, Lady Mohan Lal is so talkative, she speaks anyone she meets.

Knowledge and Education:

Sir Mohan Lal is very proud of his knowledge of English. He is educated man. But Lady Mohan Lal is illiterate. She doesn’t know English.

Personality : 

Sir Mohan Lal is complex person. he described himself as “distinguished, efficient” another time regarded himself as  “inefficient, dirty, indifferent” . Sir Mohan Lal is a person of Self-contradictory faith in his own life and culture. On the other hand, Lady Mohan Lal is very simple and naive woman.

Culture : 

Sir Mohan Lal represents English culture. Mohan Lal is an admirer of England and English people than this own country and people.

On the other hand, Lady Mohan Lal has been criticized only to recognize her native Indian identity. She has been presented as exactly the opposite of Sir Mohan Lal to brought up the issues of cultural identity. She represents true Indian Culture.

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