Character Sketch of Lencho in ‘A Letter to God’

Character Sketch of Lencho in ‘A Letter to God’

Lencho is the central character in the short story “A Letter to God” written by Mexican author Gregorio López y Fuentes. He is portrayed as a humble and hardworking farmer who lives in a small rural village.

Physically, Lencho is described as a middle-aged man with weathered features and a strong, sturdy build. His face reflects the hardships of a life spent toiling in the fields under the scorching sun. He is often seen wearing worn-out clothes, showing his poverty-stricken condition.

Lencho’s personality is characterized by his deep faith, resilience, and simplicity. He possesses an unwavering belief in God’s providence and sees the world through a lens of religious devotion. This is evident in his decision to write a letter to God, seeking assistance in the form of money to recover from a devastating hailstorm that destroyed his crops.

Lencho’s simplicity is reflected in his trust in the postal system, as he wholeheartedly believes that God will receive and answer his letter. He is depicted as a man of few words, straightforward in his thoughts and actions. He places complete trust in God and never doubts the power of divine intervention.

The hardships Lencho faces in his life have instilled in him a strong work ethic and perseverance. Despite the setbacks he encounters, such as the loss of his crops, he remains determined to provide for his family. He is depicted as a loving and responsible father who prioritizes the well-being of his children and wife.

Lencho’s character highlights the struggles of the rural poor and their unwavering faith in the face of adversity. He represents the human desire for hope and the belief in a higher power that can bring about positive change in one’s life. Ultimately, Lencho’s character serves as a poignant reminder of the power of faith and the resilience of the human spirit.

Key Points to Remember:

1. A Poor Man :

 Lencho is a poor farmer but is very dedicated and hard-working. One year his crop was completely destroyed by hailstones. We find that he leaves no stone unturned to feed his family and fulfil their needs.

2. A Hardworking Farmer : 

Lencho was a simple man and a hardworking farmer. He worked so hard in his field.

3. Simple and Innocent Man :

Lencho was very simple and innocent. He wrote a letter to God and requested to send him 100 pesos. He did not know that it was impossible. Lencho didn’t know that there was no such living person as God who could send him money, which shows his innocence.

4. Strong Belief in God : 

Lencho believed that God would help him in misery. He would not let him die in hunger. Lencho had firm faith in God as he sought help from God when his crop was destroyed. He wrote Him to send a hundred pesos. But when he received seventy pesos, he called the post-office employees a bunch of cooks. He rewrote a letter to God from the remaining thirty pesos, which shows his firm faith in God.

5. Love For Family :

Lencho’s entire crop was badly destroyed by the hailstorm. So, he became very sad as he was worried about his family.

6. An Optimistic Person :

Although his only source of living was taken away, he didn’t lose hope. He had his last hope in God. He was confident that God would help him in his distress.

However, to conclude we may say, he is an uneducated person and without knowledge, he is unable to make a difference between belief and reality. For him God lives on the earth and it is possible to communicate to Him. He is poor,optimistic, simple, innocent, hardworking farmer. 

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