Character of Sidda in Leela’s Friend by R.K. Narayan

Character of Sidda in Leela’s Friend by R.K. Narayan

Introduction: In R. K. Narayan’s short story Leela’s Friend, Sidda is the main character. His character is described with a number of qualities that uphold him as the central person of the story.

A. Central Figure/ Title Character: Sidda has been referred to in the title of the story. His relationship with the little girl, Leela is highlighted in the entire story.

B. Good Servant : He was appointed as a servant in the Sivasanker’s house. He works in their house, plays with their little girl, and performs all other stuff to do. He is a responsible servant who performed all his duties faithfully and took good care of Leela.

C. Friendship : From the very first day Sidda became friend with Sivasanker’s five years old daughter, Leela. Most of the time Sidda had to spend and play with Leela leaving his all works. Sidda always took Leela’s mind in the world of imagination by his incomparable stories.

D. Imagination : Sidda is very much talented man. Although he is an illiterate person, he had a great imaginative faculty and from his imagination sprung stories that enthralled Leela.

E. Honesty : Sidda has been accused of taking the gold chain of Leela. But he is an honest Servant. He didn’t take the chain.

Conclusion : In Leela’s Friend Sidda has been described as a very responsible servant of the Sivasnaker family and a reliable and constant companion of Leela. With these qualities he became a true friend to a little girl. R.K. Narayan artistically turned this ordinary servant into the centre of reader’s attention.

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