Character of Jimmy Valentine in O Henry’s Jimmy Valentine

Character of Jimmy Valentine in O Henry’s Jimmy Valentine

 Jimmy Valentine is the title character of O Henry’s short story Jimmy Valentine. In the story he has been seen as burglar, a handsome youth, a lover and finally we can see him as a good human being. In this story, the most striking factor about his character is his transformation from a burglar to an honest man. Jimmy in this story is a person of self reformation. Jimmy changed himself from a burglar to a lover and further into an honourable person who is honest in every aspects.

Characteristics of Jimmy Valentine: In the character of Jimmy Valentine, we can find out the following characteristics which hold up his characters in details –

1. Skilled Burglar : Jimmy is an expert in burglary. He steals things so beautifully that people cannot catch him anyway. He never break any safe or touch it but the things within this shape disappears.

2. Intelligent and Smart : Jimmy is a burglar and he is very intelligent. His work is both neat and fine and no one can catch him.

3. Gentlemen : Despite of being a thief Jimmy is a gentleman. His use of language, dressing sense, and behaviour holds up his great personality.

4. Personality : Jimmy is so amicable person. He has many friends. Jimmy’s behaviour is very good and this is because of it he was set free from the prison. He looks very handsome that no one can think he is a thief.

5. Society Oriented : Jimmy is a social persons who want to live in a good society. Jimmy you want to be recognised as good social human being.

6. Great Lover : Jimmy Valentine is a great lover. Falling in love with Annabel Adams, he has become a good man. He has transformed his old self with honesty.

Transformation of Jimmy Valentine: Having fallen in love Jimmy has undergone a huge change in his heart; he has become a new person Ralph D. Spencer, who is honest and on the right way. He decided to marry Annabel and to live a new and reformed life in the west. Ben Price recognized his honesty when he opened the vault to rescue Agatha, knowing that Ben Price will arrest him soon. To him life becomes most valuable, he saved Agatha, and he became a complete new man beyond his past life.

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