Useful Books and Websites for Learning English Grammar

Useful Books and Websites for Learning English Grammar

Many of the students often ask me about the important books for learning English language and grammar. I told them there are many books they must go through and the numbers of books are quite huge. And that is why I used to say that you have to rely on some authentic books that will help you out for your learning of English language and grammar. First of all, there are so many books, I mentioned earlier, but I would like to recommend something that will help you out and, particularly keeping in mind about the depth of learning, I am recommending these books which will help the students for preparing for competitive examinations like UPSC, State PCS, and WBCS. Students who are interested to learn English may rely on these books. I hope these books will be very much helpful fo students.





1. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary




1. Advanced Grammar in Use


2. English Grammar in Use


3. Practical English Usage   




1. English Vocabulary in Use Advanced


2. Word Power Made Easy  




1. English Phrasal Verbs in Use Advanced




1. English Idioms in Use




1. English Collection in Use Advanced 




1. English Pronunciation in Use Advanced




1. The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS


2. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS  


However, I have provided the names of all important books necessary for learning English. It is your duty to collect those books and to start reading and practicing. You will get so many YouTube videos from the experts of English language that you can join and you have all the facilities there you can learn English language and grammar with your little effort.


Important online platform to learn English:  


There is  British Council website for Learning English which is an important website for students. So many English language experts are there regularly taking classes on British Council Learning English platform and student can be very much benefited with those classes to learn English.  


Notes for aspirants of Competitive Examination: 


Many of the aspirants are preparing for competitive examination, and for this reasons one of the best websites they can practice their English vocabulary, idioms and grammars in the platform of British English Council which is 100% reliable and authentic to practice English and to prepare for general English at various levels of Competitive Examinations. 

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