The man who had entered the compartment broken to my reverie : The Eyes Have It Question Answer

□ Who is the man or who broke the reverie of the narrator ?

The man is the passenger who enter the 10 compartment at Saharanpur. 


The man who entered the train compartment at Saharanpur broke the narrator’s reverie. 

□ whose reverie is mentioned here ?

The reverie of the narrator is mentioned here.

□ What was the reverie  ?

The narrator was sitting in the front of the window in the train after the girl left the train at Saharanpur. He was thinking that so many things were happening outside the window. It might be a fascinating game or something beyond his thought. He was thoughtful that The light of the day was darkness for him. This was the narrator’s reverie. 

□ How was his reverie broken  ?

The narrator was thinking about the outside world sitting in the front of a window in the train. At this time, a man who get into the compartment asked the narrator about the girl who just live the train. And this is how the narrator’s daydream was broken by his interruption. 

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