The Eyes Have It – Important Questions and Answers

The Eyes Have It – Important Questions and Answers

Question No. 1 : Explain the significance of the title of  “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond.

Or, “ She had beautiful eyes, but they were of no use” – Bring out the significance ( irony) of the title of ‘The Eyes Have It’ in the light of the line.

Or, “ She had beautiful eyes, but they were of no use” – Whose eyes are mentioned here ? Why were they useless to her ? Bring out the irony in the line. / Bring out the irony of the beautiful eyes in this line.

Answer :

  In this line the eyes mentioned here are of the blind girl who was travelling in the train up to  Saharanpur.

                   The eyes were useless to her because she was blind and her eyes have no vision to look at . She had the eyes without vision to see. They were only a physical organ for her, they do not have any purpose as others have in their lives. In that sense, the eyes of the girl was useless to her, as they had no use in her life because of her blindness.  

                 Ruskin Bond in his ‘The Eyes Have It’ provided the irony of beautiful eyes. The young man and the girl were unaware of their individual blindness. The discovery of her blindness comes as an ironical twist at the end of the story.  The blind narrator was thinking that the girl could  see. After the girl left the train the narrator discovered that the girl too was blind like him. A gentleman got into the train and told the narrator that the girl had beautiful eyes but she was blind. This irony of situations makes this story significant enough that the title becomes an ironical presentation of two blind person who were acting like they can see.    

Question No. 2: “Yes, October is the best time” –Who is the speaker ? On what occasions is the remark made and to whom ? Why is October the best time ?

Or,Give a short description of the landscape (beauty) of the Hills in October .

Or, How did the narrator of  “The Eyes Have It” describe the landscape of the hills in October ?

Answer :  

               The narrator said this to the girl who was travelling to Saharanpur alone in the train compartment.  

                  The narrator remarks “Yes, October is the best time”  in support of the girl’s interest for the hills sights in Mussoorie, as she expressed her wish to visit to the hills specially in October. The narrator being agreed to her selection of time, he replied that October is the  best time to visit the hills along with a shot description of the beauty of the hills in October.          

    The narrator gives a beautiful descriptions of the hills in October season after recalling his memory of the hill sights. In the month of October the Hills are covered with wild dahlias, the landscapes of the hills look very beautiful. The rise of sun beyond the hills is wonderful. In the night one can sit in the font of hills station and one can enjoy the life. In October all the tourists left the hills. And the road becomes so quiet and almost deserted. The narrator thinks October is the best time to visit the hills to get a wonderful feeling of the place.
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